Hillside (A6) - One-of-a-Kind Traveler's Notebook Wrap

Hillside (A6) - One-of-a-Kind Traveler's Notebook Wrap


Crafted from soft and supple moose hide sourced from the Laurentian Mountains of Canada, this traveler’s notebook cover is designed to embrace your notebooks and conform to them as a second skin. While sturdy at 3.5 ounces, the leather is wonderfully floppy and pliable.

In order to highlight its rugged beauty, the notebook has been left largely unprocessed, allowing the natural shape to dictate the design. Unburnished edges afford gentle fraying to soften the lines of this piece, while the slightly pebbled exterior and rich, sueded interior add to the luxurious feel.

This is a piece that has experienced a life worth celebrating, which is why every embellishment has been affixed with purpose and meaning. Glass beads symbolic of the night sky follow the natural flow of the grain, while those of the hillside are nestled amongst striking scars at the base of the wrap. Sparkling gold, rich brown, and multidimensional blues tell the story of the mountains, all while showcased on a stunning ochre backdrop reminiscent of the setting sun. The knotted sinew has been left visible on the inside of the wrap as an additional textural element and showcase of the handmade nature of this piece.

Finished with dark chocolate-coloured 3mm elastic cord, this one-of-a-kind piece will hold up to four a6-sized notebooks or journals within its 1-inch spine.

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