Pint-Sized Faster, Stronger, Grumper

Pint-Sized Faster, Stronger, Grumper


This scaled-down sticker sheet features pint-sized (mini!) versions of Grumpalumps from our Faster, Stronger, Grumper collection, including:

- Walk It Off
- Vin-Yowza!
- Grump It Up!

These stickers are perfect for smaller planners, such as Traveler's Notebooks (TNs), Bullet Journals (BuJos), Personal planners, and more!

Printed on Premium Matte paper, our decorative, hand-drawn planner stickers are designed with real life in mind!

This sticker sheet features 22 MINI stickers, ranging from approximately 0.55" to 0.75" wide. All Pint-Sized sticker sheets measure a compact 3" x 4.75".

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